Working safely


With a nationwide lockdown due to come into force on Tuesday 5 January, we have updated our document on how we will work safely in your home. Your safety is of paramount importance and we take our responsibilities extremely seriously. We are complying with the Government's instructions around safe-working practices.

The guidance on the GOV.UK website indicates that we can still travel to and work in your home. This will of course be discussed in detail with you and we will be guided by your wishes. 

Safe working in your home

We will:

  • communicate and discuss with you prior to any visit to discuss how the work will be carried out to minimise the risk for all parties and to maintain 2m distance from those working

  • identify busy areas across the household where people travel to and from or through (for example stairs and corridors) and minimise movement within these areas

  • maintain good ventilation - for example keeping windows and doors open to reduce risk of transmission

  • ask that you leave all internal doors open to minimise contact with door handles

  • wear a face mask when entering and leaving your home and until we are alone in the area we are working in
  • sanitise hands on arrival and maintain social distancing when entering the home
  • clean regularly touched objects and surfaces using regular cleaning products to reduce the risk of passing the infection on to other people

  • bring our own food and drink to households and have breaks outside where possible.

  • communicate with you prior to arrival and on arrival to ensure that your household understands the social distancing and hygiene measures that should be followed once work has started.

Please note:

  • we will not share where we are working with other tradespeople

  • we will arrange methods of safe disposal of rubbish with you

  • only absolutely necessary participants should be there and should maintain 2m separation

  • we will avoid transmission during appointments, for example, by not sharing pens and other objects

  • we will hold meetings outdoors or in well-ventilated rooms whenever possible.

In an emergency (for example an accident, fire, or break-in) people do not have to stay 2m apart if it would be unsafe.

Updated 5 January 2021

Your safety remains our paramount concern.

Published: 5th Jan